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My name is Adrian.  I was born in the summer of '67, my childhood was full of adventure and exploration, and i'm sure like most children remember, the days seemed wonderfully long and the sun always shone. I was given my first camera at the age of 10, but never really did anything with it, i'm sure it is still kicking around in an obscure place somewhere in the old house.

I discovered my love of photography when I journeyed to Canada in my mid-twenties armed with a camera bought for me by my Godfather, Ian (Woody) who saw something in me that I was still yet to discover.

It was there in Vancouver that I met and became friends with the brilliant multi-award winning photographer, Marten Bot. He was wonderfully generous with his advice and mentoring and his tutorage was to become the grounding for my entire photographic life.

Over twenty years on, many cameras and technological advancements later, my passion for the photographic art is still as strong as ever!   I began embracing and fell in love with portraiture back in 2006.  I continue to develop my individual direction in this great medium and I never stop being open to life's learning curve.

I very much look forward to hearing from you and discussing your wishes.

There is so much beauty in the world to fotograf....!